Natural Green Palm Indoor Tree


Exclusive natural green Palm indoor tree decorator for your home or office.Making it an ideal gift for a busy person.You buy the… Details

Cactuses In Ceramic Pot


This live oasis exclusive of four cactuses nicely arranged with stone ceramic pot. You buy the best gift for your girlfriend, friends,… Details

Plant For Mom In Personalised Mug


You can send this amazing spider plant for mom in personalised mug Mothers,day fathers day ,anniversary, birthday and happy… Details

Snakeskin Sansevieria Plant With Valentine Pot


Amazing snakeskin sansevieria plant with valentine pot. Plant placement indoors & outdoors both sides. It can best gift plant for… Details

Feng-Shui Bamboo Plant


Everybody can order Feng-Shui Bamboo Plant is an absolutely perfect for decorating your home and office environment.This Feng-… Details

Decorated Indoor plant


Everybody can order Big green leafs with creamy white border is an absolutely perfect for decorating your home and office environment.… Details

Fresh plant in a glass pot


Everybody can order Live plant in glass pot. One can keep it indoor or outdoor, very little to care about but adds a special gorgeousness… Details

Cactus Garden in Clay Pot


You can send this amazing Cactus Garden in Clay Pot to your loved ones on their valentines day, anniversary, birthday,mothers day… Details

Simply Succulent Plant with Pot


This medium-sized succulent plant is a perfect gift for home or office! It'll thrive with just a bit of bit of care, making it an ideal gift for a busy… Details

Cactus Zebra in clay pot

$8.69 is a online gift home delivery service in Bangladesh. Everybody can order,It is available to all cities.Live cactus plant in… Details

Spiral Bamboo Plants


Feng-Shui Good Luck Spiral Bamboo Plants (5 Sticks – Approx. 80 cm’s Long Each) in a Glass Vase Filled With Stones and a Fancy Bow Wrapped… Details