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Pringles Sour Cream & Onion Potato Crisps

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Evarybody can original Pringles to your loved-one in Bangladesh. Price is shown for one large 160gm can, please increase quantity2,3,4,5, before adding this product to your gift basket if you want to send more than one. Satisfy your snack craving with the salty, stackable, classic crunch of Pringles Original potato crisps.

Note:This item is available with total order of US$21.78 or total purchases of BDT1590.



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Your service was wonderful. I hope all the best all the time for you and your organization . Keep it up.

Sumona Haq
United Kingdom
I am pleasure for your urgent timely delivered service.

Satish Gaikwad
Great service! i face little bit problem but they help again again Thanks Upohar Bangla i will again order.

Farjana Islam Ratre
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