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Chocolate Package For Valentines

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This is a wonderful gift option for Valentine's Day.This gift is appropriate for any occasion such as Valentines day father's day,mother's day,birthday,anniversary and as corporate gift.

1.Snicker 1 Piece( 50gm )
2.Dairy Milk 2 Pieces.( 50 gm )
3.Bournvill 2 Pieces  ( 50 gm )
4.Twix 1 Piece ( 50gm )
5.Mars 1 Piece ( 50gm )
6.Bounty 1 Piece. ( 50gm )
7. KIT KAT 1 Piece  (50gm )
8. Toblerone 1 Piece ( 50 gm )
9.Free Greeting Card

10.Free 7 Red Roses


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Your service was wonderful. I hope all the best all the time for you and your organization . Keep it up.

Sumona Haq
United Kingdom
I am pleasure for your urgent timely delivered service.

Satish Gaikwad
Great service! i face little bit problem but they help again again Thanks Upohar Bangla i will again order.

Farjana Islam Ratre
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