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Pureit Water Purifier M5

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Product Information

PureIt is a revolutionary innovation by Unilever to provide the solution to the need of safe drinking water. It is world’s one of the most advanced in-home water purifier and first of its kind. In fact, it is world’s largest selling water purifier.With a mission to bring safe drinking water to millions of Bangladeshi consumers at an affordable cost, Unilever introduced its revolutionary water purifier – Pure.


1.Capacity 9 liters, purify per day 23 liters.

2.Water borne diseases continue to increase.

3.No need to get pure water, electricity and gas.

4.Pureit gives you the guarantee of pure water.

5.Which is more secure than boiling water.

6.Pureit gives a pure water that is germic, lead and rust-free more than boiling water.

7.World best pureit water refinement send apecial some ones their living Bangladesh.

8.Take pureit today for the health of your family.