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Packages with mix beef, chicken, prawn

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This packages with beef Chicken price is shown for 1 serve.If you want to increase the quantity order more 2 serve 3 serve.Please select number of serves before adding this product to your basket.This package from Four Seasons Restaurant package is suitable for 3-4 people.This package is available for Dinner Only 6pm-9pm in Dhaka metro area only.4 Seasons restaurants, Dhanmondi Dhaka it does not use any food colour.Level of food warmth depends on the recipients distance from Dhanmondi, they may need to reheat the items.

1.1 serve of mixed fried rice.

2.1 serve of fried prawn ball palate (8 pieces).

3.1 serve of prawns with green pepper.

4.1 serve of beef chilli onion.

5.1 serve of masalla chicken.

6.1.25 liter coca cola.

Note: If this 4 seasone restaurant unfortunately closed.Similar product will be delivered from XinXian Restaurant, Dhanmondi.