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Fakruddin Bhuna Khichuri

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World famous Fakruddin Bhuna Khichuri everybody can send special surprise some ones their living Bangladesh.Order now to your father mother sister brother wife friend girlfriend Teacher corporate office happy new year,pohela boishak all other occasions in Bangladesh.This food gift package is suitable for 3 people,delivery in Dhaka is available for Lunch (1pm-4pm) or Dinner (5pm-9pm) time. If you need this gift package for more than 3 people, please select the number of people before adding this product to your shopping basket. Birany, roast and kebab will be increased according to the selected number of people but coke borhani and doi will be doubled if you order this package for 6 people, 9 people.This product is available for same day urgent gift delivery only for Dhaka.

1.3 Serves of Bhuna Khichuri from Fakruddin restaurant.

2.3 Serves of chicken roast with gravy.

3.3 Serves of salad.

4.Borhani 1 liter.

5.1.25 liter coca cola.

6. 1kg doi from Rosh.

Note:1 serve = full plate and 1 chicken roast = 1 small serve. This product is available only Dhaka