Gift for Iftar and Ramadan

Iftar Package for 8/10 People From Star Kabab

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Product Information

Iftar Package for 8/10 People From Star Kabab.This package will go with more items.Iftar package is available Dhaka metro area.

1. Crown Dates 500 gm

2. Parched rice মুড়ি 1kg

3. Cooking chola boot (ছোলা বুট) 1 kg

4. Chicken Roll- 10 Pcs

5. Jilapi 500 gm

6. Chicken samosa - 10 Pcs

7. Potato Chop (আলু চপ) 10 pcs

8.Egg chop (ডিম চপ) 10 pcs

9. Piaju 10 pcs

10. Beguni (বেগুনি) 10 pcs

11. Mixed Pakora  10 pcs

Note:It will be delivered before the Ifter time if this any items isn't available at star kabab similar product will be delivered from Fakruddin restaurant.