Gift for Iftar and Ramadan

Iftar With Mutton Halim From Star Kabab

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Product Information

Iftar package With Mutton Halim From Star Kabab price is shown.This package will go with more items.This iftar package is available Dhaka metro area and suitable for 3 people.Iftar package we deliver before 30 minuts because iftar package warm level will be good.

1# Mutton Halim (medium size)

2# Chicken Roll - 5 Pcs

3# Jali Kabab 5 Pcs

4# Date (খেজুর) 250gm

5# Parched rice মুড়ি 500gm

6# Cooking chola boot (ছোলা বুট) 400gm

7# Jilapi (জিলাপি) 250gm

8# Piaju (পিয়াজু) 5 pcs

9# Beguni (বেগুনি) 5 pcs

10# Potato Chop 5 Pcs

11# Pran Mango Juice 1 Liter

NOTE:Dhaka metro area are free delivery.