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Cheesy Bites Combo-2

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Cheesy Bites Combo a delicious pizza with poppable cheese filled bites.This package is available and best gift for father's day mother's day valentine, anniversary, birthday and other occasions and package is sutitable for minimum 4 people.Pizza Hut product is available from 12 pm to 9 pm.We deliver Pizza from nearest branch because the warmer level will be good.

1# 2 Cheesy Bites Pizza (Medium size) 1 medium size pizza is 6 slices.

2# 8 Slices cheese garlic bread(2 proson)

3# 2 Liter coca-cola

4# FREE 7 Red roses

Pizza Ingredients:

1#Beef Lovers=A beefy package of beef, onions,black olive,capsicum and oozing with cheese.

2#BBQ Tempation=Spicy chicken marinetted in BBQ sauch,tomatoes,onions,capsicum and greenchili.


3#Cheese garlic bread=Hot garlic bread with mozarella cheese.

Note: Product is available only 1.Dhaka 2.Chattagram 3.Sylhe