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Golden Surprise Combo-1

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Product Information

Golden Surprise Combo a delicious pizza with golden cheddar melted top and temptation marinated spiced chicken sausage.This package is available and best gift for father's day mother's day valentine, anniversary, birthday and other occasions and package is sutitable for minimum 4 people.Pizza Hut product is available from 12 pm to 9 pm.We deliver Pizza from nearest branch because the warmer level will be good.

1# 2 Golden Surprise Pizza (Medium size) 1 medium size pizza is 6 slices.

2# 8 Slices cheese garlic bread(2 proson)

3# 2 Liter coca-cola

4# FREE 7 Red roses

Pizza Ingredients:

1#BBQ Tempation=Spicy chicken marinetted in BBQ sauch,tomatoes,onions,capsicum and greenchili.

2#Meet Lovers= Beef beef, peparoni,chicken,spicy chicken.

3#Cheese garlic bread=Hot garlic bread with mozarella cheese.

Note: Product is available only 1.Dhaka 2.Chattagram 3.Sylhe