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Kachki Fish (River) 500gm

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Product Information

Kachki fish (river) 500gm unclean & uncut from river/haor, can be less than +- 100gm net weight after cutting. We deliver all type of Bangladeshi formalin free live fresh fish, as haor, river, pond and sea fish. Here are shown 500gm kachki fish price, if you need more 1,2kg please select quantity. See below product information's.

Product information:

1. Fish- Kachki Fish

2. Weight- 500gm

3. Per Kg- 600 Taka

5. Place- River/Haor

Our Delivery System:

We provide our service by our own trained, trusted and educated delivery man. All of our staff carry to the company-issued photo ID card.

NOTE: We do free delivery in Dhaka City and shipping charge applies for other cities of Bangladesh.