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Supplied from Agora / Nondons / Mina Bazar / Shawpno. Non perishable products to other cities will also be supplied by Agora but the perishable products such as meat, eggs will be purchased from the local market at the destination city. Recipient will be requested to check all the products at delivery time and photo confirmation will be sent to your mail as the guaranty of the quality.This package will be delivered on your nominated date and available to all cities.Please for contact us

1.Polau Rice (Kalijira) - 2 kg  ( কালিজিরা )

2.Deshi chicken - 2 (Whole- Processed) (দেশী about 700 gm each)

3.Goat - 2 Kg

4.Beef - 2 kg 

5.Moong Lentils 2 kg (মুগ ডাল )

6.Egg - 1 dozen (মুরগির ডিম)

7.Cooking oil - 2 liter (সয়াবিন তেল)

8.Mastered oil - 1 liter  (সরিষা তেল)

9.Salt - 1 kg (লবণ)

10.Sugar - 2 kg (চিনি)

11.Onion (পিয়াজ 3kg 

12.Potato (আলু 2kg )

13.Cucumber (শসা 1 kg )

14.Tomato (টমেটো 1 kg )

15.Carrot (গাজর 1 kg )

16.Lemon (লেবু 2hali)

17.বেগুন (Eggplant 1kg )

18.Green chili (কাঁচা মরিচ 250gm ) 

19.Coriander ধনিয়া পাতা 2 bunch )

20.Garlic (আস্ত রসুন 500gm )

21.Radhuni Cumin powder (জিরার গুড়া 200gm )

22.Radhuni Corriander powder (ধনিয়ার গুড়া 200gm )

23.Radhuni Chili powder (মরিচের গুড়া 200gm )

24.Radhuni Termeric powder (হলুদের গুড়া 200gm )

25.তেজ পাতা (Bay Leaves 50 gm )

26.Garam masala powder (গরম মসলা 50 gm )

27.Ginger (আস্ত আদা 500 gm )

28.Sultanas (কিসমিস 50 gm )

29.Golmorich (Black pepper) - 50 gm

30.Whole cumin (আস্ত জিরা 100 gm )

31.মির্জাপুর ইস্পাহানি চা (Tea 200gm )

32.Sour curd (টক দই) (500 gm )



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It was my 1st purchase from this site. Delivery time was so exact as i ordered at afternoon to deliver within same night (out of Dhaka). And the product quality is also as per the shown picture. Thanks upohar bangla. Keep it up.

Labiba Tarannum
Thanks upoharbangla go ahead. all over product and delivery service is very good.

Nabila Tanni
It's my second order for my mother. Upohar Bangla give one time delivery and my is mother very happy. Thank again Upohar Bangla

Mr. Sayem Khan
United States
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