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You want to order Make products groceries and bazar quantity of the items that to order and add the list in basket. The total price will be the sum of the total of your selected products and the base price. The base price is our service charge to complete shopping deliver this product in Dhaka and all of Bangladesh. Additional delivery charge applies for delivery to outside of those.This service is unique to Upoharbangla and you will do not depend on pre-set packages and pay not for the items that you do not want! Make your own package and enjoy online shopping.

Note:Supplied from Agora / Nondons / Mina Bazar / Shawpno. Non perishable products to other cities will also be supplied by Agora but the perishable products such as meat, eggs will be purchased from the local market at the destination city.recipient will be requested to check all the products at delivery time and photo confirmation will be sent to your mail as the guaranty of the quality.


Name Price / Unit Quantity
মিনিকেট-Regular Rice 5.13 / 5kg
নাজিরশাইল চাল 5.82 / 5kg
Chinigura Polao Rice 'চিনিগুড়া চাল' 1.92 / 1kg
কালিজিরা চাল ( Kalijira Polao rice ) 1.93 / 1kg
KohInoor Gold Basmati Rice 4.03 / 1kg
Daawat Traditional Basmati Rice 4.03 / 1kg
ছাগল মাংস কারি টুকরা (Goat meat Curry Pieces) 12.11 / 1kg
মুরগীর মাংস দেশী ( Chicken About 800 gm Each) 10.89 / 1 chicken
ফার্ম মুরগীর মাংস ( Firm chicken1.700 Kg Each Without Skin) 6.73 / 1 chicken
কিমা মাংস (Beef Mince ) 11.3 / 1kg
Beef (Curry Pieces) 7.87 / 1kg
কাতলা মাছ (about 3-3.5 kg) 21.33 / 1 pcs
গলদা চিংড়ি (Large size 6-9 in a kg) 18.99 / 1kg
রুই মাছ (about 3 - 3.5 kg) 21.33 / 1 Piece
Pangas fish (পাঙ্গাস মাছ (about 2-2.5 kg) ) 5.2 / 2kg
Product Total: USD 00.00
Service Charge: USD $7.28
Package Total: USD $7.28

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It was my 1st purchase from this site. Delivery time was so exact as i ordered at afternoon to deliver within same night (out of Dhaka). And the product quality is also as per the shown picture. Thanks upohar bangla. Keep it up.

Labiba Tarannum
Thanks upoharbangla go ahead. all over product and delivery service is very good.

Nabila Tanni
It's my second order for my mother. Upohar Bangla give one time delivery and my is mother very happy. Thank again Upohar Bangla

Mr. Sayem Khan
United States
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