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Surprise Bazar Package

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Product Information

Supplied from Agora / Nondons / Mina Bazar / Shawpno. Non perishable products to other cities will also be supplied by Agora but the perishable products such as meat, eggs will be purchased from the local market at the destination city. Recipient will be requested to check all the products at delivery time and photo confirmation will be sent to your mail as the guaranty of the quality.This package will be delivered on your nominated date and available to all cities.Please for contact us.

 1.Soybean Oil 5LTR,

2.Pran Chinigura Rice Pack 3KG,

3.Daawat Traditional Basmati Rice 3KG

4.Kolson Lascha Semai 200GM 3 Packets

5 Banoful Lashcha Semai 200GM 3 Packets

6.Pran Chili Powder 200GM

7.Aarong Sour Curd 1KG

8.Kaju Nuts

9. Aarong Pure Ghee 800GM

10.Radhuni Turmeric Powder 200GM

11. Radhuni Cumin Powder 200 GM

12.Radhuni Coriander Powder 200GM

13. Radhuni Cumin Powder 200Gm

14. Coriander Powder 200GM

15.Gorom Masala Powder 200GM.

16.Onion (পিয়াজ) 2 KG

17.Potato (আলু) 2 KG

18.Cucumber (শসা) 2 KG

19.কাঁচা মরিচ (Green chili) 250 GM

20.Lemon (লেবু) 2 Hali