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Supplied from Agora / Nondons / Mina Bazar / Shawpno. Non perishable products to other cities will also be supplied by Agora but the perishable products such as meat, eggs will be purchased from the local market at the destination city. Recipient will be requested to check all the products at delivery time and photo confirmation will be sent to your mail as the guaranty of the quality.This package will be delivered on your nominated date and available to all cities.Please for contact us

1.Deshi chicken - 2 pc (Whole processed)

2.Rice (Regular - Nagirshire) - 5Kg

3..Egg - 2 dozen

4. Sugar - 4 kg

5. Salt - 1 kg

6.Onion - 5 kg

7. Mastered oil - 1 liter

8. Boot daal - 2 kg

9.Mug daal 2 kg

10.Mosur daal - 2kg

11.Potato - 2kg

12. Tomato - 2kg

13. Cucumber - 1kg (শসা)

14.. Lemon - 1 dozen

15. Green Chilli - 250 gm

16. Cooking oil - 5 liter

17.. Nido Powder Milk - 1 x 350 gm packet

18.Trix liquid cleaner - 1 x 500 gm Regular size

19.Vim dish washing powder - 1 kg Regular size

20.Hydrabadi 5 Paan package only in dhaka cily / on outside of dhaka it will be 1 beeda paan with 250gm supari.

21. Carrot - 1kg (গাজর)

22.বেগুন (Eggplant)

23.ধনিয়া পাতা (Coriander)

24.Puffed rice (মুড়ি )




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Hello I believe you supposed to send a card along with cake and roses. Anyway that’s okay for now, but certainly my expectation would higher next time. Thanks.

Hasan Rakib
I have placed my order from sweden in the morning of the same day to be delivered in the afternoon in Dhaka and everything has been done impeccably. Thank you for your great service.

Atika Rahman
Products are excellent and good value. There customer service is very quick. Delivery is very fast and timely i am really pleased.

Zinia Islam
United States
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