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Boishakh Celebration Gift Package-4

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Pohela Boishakh(পহেলা বৈশাখ) is the biggest and most celebrated festival in Dhaka and all over Bangladesh.This better gift for your sister nephew girlfriend wife and they will very happy for your this little gift.This gift package will go with various items.

1.Assorted Premium sweets 500gm

2.Red Churi ( 12 pieces )

3.White Churi (12 pieces  )

4.Dugdugi 1 piece

5.Ektara 1 piece

6.বাঁশি (Flute ) 1 piece

7.Gamcha(গামছা ) 1 piece

8.Tip (24 pieces )

9.Neckless With Ear Ring (1 set)

10.Batasha 100gm

11.Shondesh Kodma 100gm

12.shaw Petal ( শন পাপড়ি ) 1 packet

13.Mask (মুখোশ) 1 piece

14.Decorated Dala 1 piece

15.Free Greetings Card For Boishak

16.Free 7 Red Roses