Return & Refund Policy

Refund Policy

  1. * Order is cancelled by the customer 48 hours before delivery time, the customer will get the total money back.

  2. * Order is cancelled by the customer 36 hours before delivery time, the customer will get 75% money back.

  3. * Order is cancelled by the customer 18 hours before delivery time, the customer will get 25% money back.

  4. * Order is cancelled by the customer less then18 hours delivery time,the customer will not get any kind of money back.

  5. * If we cancel customer order,customer will get the total money back.

  6. * If we fail to delivery on your fixed time you will the total money back.

  7. * We will refund the money within 15 days to that account from which you have sent the payment.

Return Policy

  1. * If the receiver dosen't like your ordered product, upohar bangla will not be responsible for that, and we wan't take back the delivered product or refund the money.

  2. * If the receiver denies to accept the product any kind of money will not be given back.

  3. *If the quality of the product is below standerd we will contact with the supplyer and try to replace.

  4. * We are not responsible for preserving the perished items such as Fruits,Flowers,Cakes,Foods, Sweets etc.After the delivery if it's not preserved properly, it will not be taken back.If some item need to be changed,the customer will get that fixed amount back.

  5. * We work for your satisfiction.Your order is always confirmed with deep care and attention.We always try to choose the best product for you in this case.If there is any mistake,you may complaint.We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

  6. * If you have any complint about product, please complaint within 12 hours otherwise this complaint is not guaranteed.

  7. * Upohar Bbangla keeps the power to change the Terms & Conditions,Return & Refund policy at any time and without any pre-notice.

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Thanks upoharbangla go ahead. all over product and delivery service is very good.

Nabila Tanni
It's my second order for my mother. Upohar Bangla give one time delivery and my is mother very happy. Thank again Upohar Bangla

Mr. Sayem Khan
United States
I am really appreciate for product and delivery service. Thank Upohar Bangla

Hossain kabir
Licensed as (UPOHARBANGLA) উপহারবাংলা to operate gift delivery service in Bangladesh.Trade License No -141081 Dhaka South City Corporation.
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