Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. Before placing the order for a product buyer must carefully read the details of that product.

  2. Upoharbangla updates the products and price of the website regularly.

  3. Upoharbangla carries the right to change the price of the products without any pre-notice.

  4. According to the international currency market, the price of your product is make paypal exchange rate.

  5. You can buy products from upoharbangla through Paypal,Visa card,Master card,American express,bKash,Rocket,Nagod or others.All payments are processed through third party reliable payment gatway.Upoharbangla never collect your payment informations in this website and server.

  6. During paypal Payment,it is necessary to be agreed with their agreement.

  7. During Visa card, Master card,American express,bKash,Rocket,Nagod or others payment,it is necessary to be agreed with their agreement.It's only the Bank of Bangladesh are governed by the directions of Bangladesh Bank.

  8. Due to the photographic technique,your products some can different from the picture of the products given on the website of upoharbangla.

  9. After receiveing gift don't change.

  10. Upoharbangla is not going to take the responsibility, if you mistakenly give incorrect address of the receiver and consequently the extra time it takes to reach the product.

  11. If you do not accept the offer during the offer, no further complaint will be received. dose not product any goods.it is not going to be responsible for the health issue of the product delivered by it.

  12. Upoharbangla does not product any goods.It is not going to be responsible for the health issue of the product delivered by it.

  13. When you are ordering for flowers,please confirm time.After an hour you cannot complain because the flowers become blarney.flowers are perishable item.Due to season change the flowers may vary from the picture given on the website.

  14. Please keep in mind that you are strongly discouraged to make any financial transaction with our delivery man.If you make any financial transaction with any delivery man .UpoharBangla is not going to be responsible for that.

  15. Price shown on our website include service charge and other charge.If you order from out of Dhaka delivery charge will be applicable.Delivery charge will be shown during making the order from out of Dhaka.

  16. Upoharbangla private limited and its trade licence no is (141081) steps will be taken by the law of Bangladesh in case of problem.

  17. If you have any quarry about our terms & condition or if you have any remark about us, please email us to support@upoharbangla.com

Refund Policy

  1. If the order is cancelled 48 hours, the customer will get the money back
  2. If the order is cancelled before 24 hours of delivery the customer wan't get any kind of money back.
  3. If we cancel your order,you will get the money back
  4. If we fail to delivery on your fixed time you will the total money back.
  5. We will refund the money to that account from which you have sent the payment.
  6. If the receiver dose not like your ordered product, upoharbangla will not be responsible for that.And we wan't take back the delivered product or refund the money
  7. If the receiver denies to accept the product any kind of money will not be given back
  8. If the quality of the product is below standerd we will contact with the supplyer and try to replace
  9. We are not responsible for preserving the perished items such as Fruits,Flowers,Cakes,Foods, Sweets etc.After the delivery if it's not preserved properly, it will not be taken back.If some item need to be changed,the customer will get that fixed amount back
  10. We work for your satisfiction.Your order is always confirmed with deep care and attention.We always try to choose the best product for you in this case.If there is any mistake,you may complain.We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.
  11. Upoharbangla keeps the power to change the Terms & Conditions,refund policy at any time and without any pre-notice.